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Services of cheap printers, photocopiers in Tan Thanh area

MiT Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a reputable unit specializing in providing rental services, cheap photocopiers, excellent quality in Tan Thanh – Ba Ria Vung Tau area to provide consumers with network system. system of reliable printer products, meeting the printing standards.

Our cheap printer and photocopier rental services:

Besides, customers can also contact MiT Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to equip themselves with a high-tech printer with full of advanced printing features.


Benefits when you rent a printer at MiT

  • Saving the cost of buying a new machine and the initial investment
  • New machine system, many models are very good for you to choose
  • High speed printer, large capacity, saving power budget and printing time
  • There is a contingent of technicians, attentive installation, fast & completely free.
  • Ensuring safety with quality ink, no cost to replace ink, replace components or machine maintenance
  • Cost of cheap printer rental at the address of the customer, signing a contract quickly and simply

Diverse printer rental products:

Bảng giá cho thuê máy in, photocopy MiT
Price list of MiT printer and photocopier rental

In addition, we provide services for the following industrial zones:

In Tan Thanh – Ba Ria Vung Tau area, our program applies in the following industrial zones: Cai Mep Industrial Park, Phu My III Industrial Park, My Xuan A Industrial Park, My Xuan A2 Industrial Park, My Xuan B1 Industrial Park, Phu My II Industrial Park, My Xuan B1 Industrial Park, My Xuan B1 Industrial Park – Dai Duong, Lang Lon 1 Industrial Complex, Cluster Lang Lon 2 Industrial Park, Kim Long Industrial Cluster, Long Huong 1 Industrial Cluster, Hac Dich Industrial Cluster, Tien I Hair Cluster, Tien Tien II Industrial Cluster, Tien III Hair Cluster, Hair Industrial Cluster Tien IV, Hac Dich II Industrial Complex, Hac Dich III Industrial Complex, Hac Dich IV Industrial Complex, Go Dau Industrial Zone.

Desktop rental price list (please contact).

Laptop rental price list (please contact).

Projector rental price list (please contact).