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Maintenance and repair of photocopiers in Nhon Trach, Tan Thanh

MiT Manufacturing – Trading Co., Ltd is proud to be the best provider of maintenance services, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair … in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province, the best Districts in Ho Chi Minh City and Tan Thanh District (Ba Ria Vung Tau)

Service maintenance, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair:

– Maintenance services for copiers, printer repair, photocopy repair, fax machine repair in Ho Chi Minh City

– Maintenance and maintenance services for photocopying, printer repair, photocopy repair, fax machine repair in Binh Duong province

– Maintenance services, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair in Tay Ninh province

– Maintenance services, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair in Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

– Maintenance services, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair in Phu My town, district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province

– Maintenance services, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province

– Maintenance services, printer repair, photocopier repair, fax machine repair in Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province

The regular maintenance and maintenance of photocopiers will help your machine operate stably, give high quality copies and improve the service life of supplies.

In addition, customers using our services will enjoy the following benefits:

– Calibration and repair of damage (no replacement of supplies) for free

– Advice and instruction for the most efficient operation of the machine

– The machine is monitored the operation process from the time of installation to the end of its life, through the machine history records system.

– A team of professional technicians, constantly trained by leading experts in office equipment

– Genuine supplies and consumables

– Inspection and quotation of materials need to be replaced in the near future so that customers plan to prepare


Note: The price list below is a reference price, please contact us for a better price from Mit

Price list to replace Drum HP printer, Canon printer

1Drum 12A: HP 1010/1020/1015… Canon 2900/3000/FX9150.000
2Drum 92A: HP 1100/ 5L/6L….. Canon 810/1120….150.000
3Drum 15A: HP 1200/1300/1150… Canon 1210150.000
4Drum 49A: HP 1160/1320/P2015….Canon 3300/3310150.000
5Drum 35A: HP P1005/1006/1505, Canon 3050/3100150.000
6Drum 05A: HP P2035/2055150.000
7Drum 11A và 51A: Hp : Laser Jet 2410-2420-2430 P3015250.000
8Drum 10A: Hp : Laser Jet 2300-2300L250.000
9Drum 96A: Hp : Laser Jet 2100-2100L250.000
10Drum 55A: Hp : Laser Jet P3014/3015300.000
11Drum 38A và 42A: Hp: Laser 4200-4250-43000220.000
12Drum 29X: Hp: Laser 5000-5100300.000
13Drum 16A: HP : Laser 5200 Canon : LBP 3500300.000
14Drum 64A: Hp: Laser 4015360.000
15Drum EP65: Canon: Lbp 2000-IR 1600-2000-2010370.000
16Drum 27A và 61A: HP : 4000/4100300.000
17Drum 82X và 09A: HP :8100N-8150-5Si390.000

Price list to replace Drum HP Color Laser printer Canon

1Drum CP1215: HP : Color Laser CP 1215-1515-1518

Canon : LBP 5050

2Drum HP 1025: HP: Color Laserjet 1025/1025W360.000
3Drum HP 3525: HP: Color Laserjet CE250, 3525,4525360.000
4Drum 1600/2600: HP : Color Laser 1600-2600-2605

Canon : LBP 5000-5100

5Drum 4600 (EP 85): HP : Color Laser 4600380.000
6Drum 3600/3800: HP : Color Laser 3600-3800350.000
7Drum 4700: HP : Color Laser 4700360.000
8Drum HP 5525: HP : Color Laser 5525/5520360.000
9Drum 5500: Color Laser 5500 (A3)350.000

Price list for Drum printer BROTHER – XEROX – EPSON – LEXMARK – PANASONIC

1Drum E120: Lexmark: E120/120N450.000
2Drum E230: Lexmark E 230 / 232 / 330…360.000
3Drum DR 520 -DR 550- DR580: Brother : 5420-5250-5270-5280…MFC 8060/8460/8065345.000
4Drum DR420 – DR 2255: Brother HL 2240 / 2250/2270/2280, MFC 7630340.000
5Drum DR 350 – DR2025-DR2000: Brother: 2040-2070-2140-7220-7420,7240,7820,7340…MFC 7220/7820…

Xerox : A 203-204

6Drum DR 510-DR3000: Brother HL5130/5140/5150…MFC 8220/8440/8640….390.000
7Drum 2065: XEROX : Laser 2065/3055490.000
8Drum 3110 – Samsung 1210: Xerox: phaser 3110-3120, Samsung 1210…330.000
9Drum 5900 – 6200: Epson: 5900-6100-6200 …380.000
10Drum 2500: Epson: 9100-N2500 …420.000
11Drum SS 103: Samsung ML 2950/2951/2956/SCX 4728/4729320.000
12Drum SS 101: Samsung ML 2161/2162/2166/SCX 3401/3106305.000
13Drum SS 1610: Samsung : 1610-4521F … Xerox: PE220 -3124 -3125 …300.000

Drum SS 1710: Samsung: 1710-Scx4200-Scx4300…

Xerox : 3210-120-3121 Lexmark : x215

15Drum SS 1660: Samsung: 1666-1630 -1660318.000
16Drum SS 2850: SAMSUNG : 2850 -4824 -4623-1910-4826-4623………318.000
17Drum SS 3050: Samsung 3050 – 3470…318.000
18Drum84E: Panasonic : 512-602-612-542 …450.000
19Drum86E: Panasonic : 802-882450.000
20Drum89E: Panasonic : 402-602 ..500.000
21Drum78E: Panasonic : 501-502-503-523….4500.000

Replacement price list of HP-CANON PRINTER

1Gạt lớn AX/49A/53A/15A/05A: HP 1100/1160/1320/1200/P201570.000
2Gạt nhỏ AX/92A: HP 1100/06F…..Canon LBP 800/810/112070.000
3Gạt lớn 12A: HP 1010/1020/1015… Canon 2900/3000/FX970.000
4Gạt nhỏ 12A: HP 1010/1020/1015… Canon 2900/3000/FX1070.000
5Gạt lớn 35A/36A/78A/85A: HP P1005/1006/1505, Canon 3050/310070.000
6Gạt nhỏ 35A/36A/78A/85A: HP P1005/1006/1505, Canon 3050/310170.000
7Gạt nhỏ 05A: HP P2035/2055….Canon LBP 655080.000
8Gạt lớn/ Gạt nhỏ 16A/ 309:100.000
9Gạt mực/ Gạt từ11A/51A: Hp Laser Jet 2410-2420-2430 P3015100.000
10Gạt mực/ Gạt từ10A: Hp Laser Jet 2300-2300L100.000
11Gạt mực/ Gạt từ: 96A: Hp Laser Jet 2100-2100L100.000
12Gạt mực/ Gạt từ 29X: HP 5000/51000/52000100.000
13Gạt mực/ Gạt từ64A: Hp Laser 4015100.000
14Gạt thiếc/Gạt từ SS1610: Samsung 1610-1640–4521F …
Xerox: PE220 …
15Gạt thiếc/Gạt từ SS1710: Samsung: 1710-Scx4200-Scx4300…
Xerox : 3210-120-3121
Lexmark : x215
16Gạt thiếc/Gạt từ SS1660: Samsung 1660/1666/1670/1866100.000
17Gạt thiếc/Gạt từ SS 2850/4623: Samsung 1910/2525/2850/4623…100.000
18Gạt thiếc: 3110: Xerox phaser: 3110-3120 …150.000
19Gạt mực/ gạt từ 2500: Epson: 9100-N2500 …160.000
20Gạt mực/ gạt từ E120: Lexmark: E120…150.000
21Gạt mực/ gạt từ 1666: Samsung : 1666-1630150.000
22Gạt thiếc: 1215: Hp : Laser Cl 1215-1515… Canon : Cl 5050…180.000
23Gạt cao su: 1215: Hp : Laser Cl 1215-1515… Canon : Cl 5050…180.000
24Gạt mực/ gạt từ: 2600: Hp : Laser Cl 1600-2600-2605… Canon : Cl 5000-5100180.000


1rục cao su: 12A/ 15A/ 49A/ 92A: Hp : 1100-1200-1300-11020-1160- 1320-P2014-P2015-5200…
Canon : 800-810-1120-1210-3300-3500…
2Trục cao su: 35A: Hp : Laser Jet 1005-1006-1522MF…
Canon : Lbp 3000-3000B-3050…
3Trục cao su 64A: Hp: Laser 4015210.000
4Trục cao su 16A: HP : Laser 5200 Canon : LBP 3500340.000
5Trục cao su 29X: Hp: Laser 5000-5100340.000
6Trục cao su E120: Lexmark: E120…350.000
7Trục cao su 11-38-42: Hp : Laser Jet 2410-2420-2430 P3015270.000
8Trục cao su 1610: Samsung: 1610-2010-452
xerox: 3124-3125

Price list instead of PAPER TRAINING RESULTS

1Quả đào 12A: HP Laserjet 1010/1020, Canon 2900, 3000200.000
2Quả đào 49A/53A: HP Laserjet 1160/1320, Canon 3300200.000
3Quả đào 15A/13A: HP Laserjet 1200/1300, Canon 1210200.000
4Quả đào 35A/78A: HP Laserjet 1005/1006, Canon 3050/3100200.000
5Quả đào 42A lớn: HP Laserjet 4200/4250/4300220.000
6Quả đào 42A nhỏ: HP Laserjet 4200/4250/4300200.000
7Quả đào 05A lớn: HP Laserjet P2035/P2055/P2055DN235.000
8Quả đào 05A nhỏ: HP Laserjet P2035/P2055/P2055DN200.000
9Quả đào 51A lớn: HP Laserjet P3005/P3015/2420….235.000
10Quả đào 51A nhỏ: HP Laserjet P3005/P3015/2420….200.000
11Quả đào 16A lớn: HP Laserjet 5200/Canon 3900/3970245.000
12Quả đào 16A nhỏ: HP Laserjet 5200/Canon 3900/3970235.000
13Quả đào 29X: HP Laserjet 5000235.000
14Quả đào Samsung 1610: Samsung ML1610/2010/1640…235.000
15Quả đào Samsung 1710: Samsung ML1710/1520235.000


1Trục từ 12A/ 15A/ 92A:150.000
2Trục từ 49A/ 53A: Hp : Laser Jet 1160-1320
Canon : Lbp 3300
3Trục từ 35A/ 36A: Hp : Laser Jet 1005-1006-1522MF…
Canon : Lbp 3000-3000B-3050…
4Trục từ 29X/ 16A: HP : Laser 5200 Canon : LBP 3500330.000
5Trục từ 05A: 2035-2055160.000
6Trục su E120: Lexmark: E120…330.000
7Trục su 84A: Panasonic : 512-602-612-542 …450.000
8Trục su 86A (89A): Panasonic : 402-422…802-812450.000
9Trục từ 64A: Hp : 4015P330.000
10Trục từ 11A: Hp : Laser Jet 2410-2420-2430 P3015360.000
11Trục từ 1610: Samsung : 1610-2010-4521
xerox : 3124-3125

Price list instead of DRYING SHELLS (PACKAGING)

1Bao lụa 92A: Hp : Laser Jet 5L-6L-1100-1100A
Canon : Lbp 800-810-1120…
2Bao lụa 12A/49A/05A/35A: Hp : 1200-1300-11020-1160-1320
Canon : 1210-3200-3300
3Bao lụa 12A/49A/05A/35A: Hp : 1200-1300-11020-1160-1320
Canon : 1210-3200-3300
4Bao lụa 12A/49A/05A: Hp : 1200-1300-11020-1160-1320
Canon : 1210-3200-3300
5Bao lụa 2200: Hp Laser 2300-2300L-2410 2420-2430270.000
6Bao lụa 4200/3005: HP Laserjet 4200/3005270.000
7Bao lụa 3015: HP Laserjet 3015295.000
8Bao Lụa 4300 thiếc: Hp: Laser : 4250-4300745.000
9Bao Lụa 35A thiết: Hp: Laser : 1505/1005/1006420.000
10Bao lụa 5000 (29X): HP : Laser 5200-5000-5100 Canon 3500300.000
11Bao lụa 2600: HP : Laser Colour 1600-2600-2605
Canon : LBP5000-5100
12Mỡ bao lụa: HP/Canon các loại245.000

Copier maintenance and maintenance procedure

– Inform customers of the reason for the presence of technicians

– Visiting customers about the status of the device’s performance over the past time. Record customer information provided (if any) immediately.

– Take a test copy to assess the status of the machine, if the machine has a problem, the technician must immediately notify the machine manager of the problem.

Conducting machine maintenance technical process:

1. Maintenance and hygiene of cooling and optical parts

– Clean the glass, dust on the mirror surface

– Check and clean the lens

– Cleaning fan parts, air filters

2. Maintenance and cleaning of the paper scissors

– Clean paper rolls

– Check and maintain the paper roller silver, clean the paper sensor unit

3. Drive system

– Check and maintenance of gear system

– Maintenance of silver heads and shafts

4. Drying lot system

– Cleaning paper cups

– Check drying roller bearings

– Clean the roller cleaning roller

– Cleaning the pressing and drying batches

– Hygiene visits

5. Drum unit and toner brush

– Check and clean the lights to clear the area, remove the charge

– Clean the ink, paper cups under the drum

6. Phrases

– Check the ink in the tube

– Check the phrase gear system

– Filter words

7. High pressure system

– Cleaning high pressure system

– Handling cases of high pressure detector

8. Align software

– Adjust ink level parameters

– Align the lamp voltage, high voltage

– Align word mode

9. Clean the entire case

10. Test drive the device

– Check the quality of the snapshot

– Check and record the machine’s counter

– Record in the resume the necessary information

Above is the professional process side service provided by MiT Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


1. Do not turn off & turn on the device continuously, after turning off the device, wait 10-15 seconds before turning it back on

2. The device must be powered off before removing any parts

3. Put the machine on a firm ground

4. Do not place the device in humid and dusty places

5. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight, or to constantly changing temperatures and humidity.

6. Make sure there is a certain space around the machine

7. When the machine is not in use for many days, the power cord should be removed from the power source

8. Do not cover the surface of the machine with a cloth or nylon when it is operating because it obstructs the heat generation which may damage the machine.

9. Should be placed near the electrical outlet for easy use

10. When moving the machine from a low temperature place to a higher temperature place, it is necessary to let the machine rest for at least 02 hours before use, as there may be moisture buildup affecting the machine.

11. Make sure that the voltage is correct and stable. It is recommended to use an independent outlet not in use with other equipment.

12. Do not drop the device, or allow anything to fall into it

13. Keep the toner cartridge in a dry place, do not remove the sealed wedge stamps before use

14. Do not touch the drum (drum) because it may scratch or stain.

15. Keep the distance between the machine and the wall at least 30cm to ensure the heat of the machine

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