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Design and construction of conference rooms, online meeting rooms

The era of multi-business information technology development needs online conference rooms, online hop rooms to ensure easy remote deployment and still ensuring the quality of the meeting, online meetings will reduce staff travel costs, meet immediate meetings with vivid, safe and secure image and voice quality. Store all meeting information.

Understanding this issue, MIT company opened service of design, installation and construction of conference rooms, online meeting rooms in Dong Nai provinces (Long Thanh and Nhon Trach) and Ba Ria Vung Tau (Tan Thanh District) and Ho Chi Minh City (Thu Duc District)

Phòng truyền hình hội nghị trực tuyến

Remote connections via the link Internet, WAN or LAN networks. Videoconferencing allows attendees at multiple locations from different countries to see and communicate directly with each other via television screens, projectors like meeting in the same hall. This technology has been widely applied in many areas of education, training, national security, health and health care.

Videoconferencing system has many solutions with the ability to connect, expand many different points depending on the needs of each unit and choose the system accordingly.

The equipment needed for an online meeting room

Online meeting room equipment

1.Online meeting equipment set

  • Terminal (Endpoint, codec, MCU)

  • Camera – Collect image signals (LIVE, Dedicated PTZ Camera)

  • Microphone – Record audio signal (omni-directional microphone, dedicated conference)

  • Remote – Remote Control

  • Display screen (TV or projector)

  • Power supply and some cables included

In some cases, it is necessary to equip MCU (Multi Control Unit).

Conference equipment

2. Network Access

Online meeting room equipment works through connecting to the network line to start the meeting. This is the most important factor because it directly affects the quality of the meeting. Therefore, the bandwidth of the transmission line must also meet certain requirements:

  • With terminal solution

The transmission line must reach at least 1 Mbps to provide full HD resolution

  • With multi-point solution

The transmission line at each branch point has a minimum speed of 1Mbps. The line at the center point must be at least equal to the total line speed of the branch points added.

You can refer to the following online meeting setup:

Network Access

3. Screen display

The screen helps to display images of bridges and shared content. You can use TV, screen …

4. Some devices support

Depending on the needs of use and the size of the meeting room, a number of other supporting devices need to be equipped such as mic, speaker, amplifier, electronic board, storage device …

Cost of construction of conference rooms, online meeting rooms

Cost is always the problem that users are most concerned about, the price of online meeting room equipment depends on the factors

– Number of bridge points: depending on the number of bridges that will choose the right equipment.
– Brand: there are now many prestigious brands in the field of online meetings such as Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize …

So the cost of equipment of these firms is also relatively high. However, there are still suitable budget solutions for small and medium companies. You can refer to the product lines from AVer, this is considered a brand that provides products with modern technology that is not inferior to other firms but owns the price that can be said to be the best on. market.

Customers can contact MIT company today to be supported to consult and choose solutions corresponding to the professional online meeting room model with extremely reasonable price!

construction and installation of online conference rooms

Steps to build solutions and install conference rooms, online meeting rooms

Step 1: Determine how many points you need to connect

Depending on the needs of the business to build a suitable model, there are two main models: site to site (model that connects only two points) and Multisites (3-point connection model)

Step 2: Determine the investment budget

Determining the budget will help you build a quick solution and choose the most suitable equipment

Step 3: Survey the meeting room

– Determining the number of attendees:

Can be divided into the following levels:


  • Personal: This can be the director, the head of the meeting or the professor of distance learning … The most cost-effective solution is to use the installed software put on phone, laptop or tablet to join the meeting

  • Group of less than 10 people : Can be a group of people who participate in briefings between the main office and the branch. In this case we will invest in specialized hardware equipment

  • Group of more than 10 people : In this case, it is recommended to select high-end online meeting room devices with high resolution, the ability to rotate panorama, zoom in close and clear the participants … Can attach multiple cameras to shoot at different angles / location

– Meeting room area (long, wide, high)
– Quality of meeting room: brightness, reverberation, echo when talking, soundproofing ability from outside, ceiling type, wall, table type …

Step 4 : Select the device

When there is basic information on such demand, MITGROUP will support selection advice, how to set up the meeting room that best suits the business.

Step 5: Turn up the solution

Step 6: Build a model

Step 7: Install

MITGROUP deployed to install online meeting room equipment quickly, experienced technical staffs are always ready to support when there are any problems arising.

At present, MIT company is sending staff to maintain, maintain and repair industrial computers in industrial zones in Dong Nai province later if you need to contact us today.

Design and install an online conference room in the IPs of Long Thanh district


  • An Phuoc Industrial Park

  • Go Dau Industrial Zone

  • Long Duc Industrial Park

  • Long Thanh Industrial Park

  • Loc An – Binh Son Industrial Park

  • Phuoc Binh Industrial Park

  • Amata Long Thanh High-tech Industrial Park

Construction service and installation of online meeting rooms in Nhon Trach district


  • Nhon Trach Textile and Industrial Zone

  • Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone

  • Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Park

  • Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Zone – Loc Khang

  • Nhon Trach 2 – Nhon Phu Industrial Park

  • Nhon Trach 3 industrial zone

  • Nhon Trach 5 Industrial Zone

  • Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Zone

  • Phu Thanh Commune Industrial Zone – Vinh Thanh

  • Phu Dong Industrial Park – Phuoc Khanh

Lắp đặt phòng hợp trực tuyến

Construction and installation services of conference rooms, online meeting rooms in Dong Nai IPs

If you need a professional unit to design and install conference rooms and online meeting rooms contact us at the information below.

  • Địa chỉ: 81 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, TP.HCM
  • Chi nhánh 1: 41/17, Đường 35, KP 7, P.Hiệp Bình Chánh, Q.Thủ Đức, TP.HCM
  • Chi nhánh 2: 91 Đường Dương Bạch Mai, Thị Trấn Phú Mỹ, Huyện Tân Thành, Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu
  • Chi nhánh 3: KCN Nhơn Trạch, Xã Hiệp Phước, Huyện Nhơn Trạch, Tỉnh Đồng Nai
  • Chi nhánh 4: Quốc lộ 51, Tổ 10 ấp Xóm Gốc, xã Long An, huyện Long Thành, Tỉnh Đồng Nai
  • Email: minh.nt@mitgroupvn.com
  • Tel: 028.5403.7053 – Fax: 028.5403.7052
  • Hotline: 0909.156.177
  • Website: www.mitgroup.vn

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