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Walkie-talkie repair service and internal system

In addition Computer repair , printers and other information technology devices MIT company also received repair radios and other related wireless devices in Thu Duc – Ho Chi Minh City, Long Thanh and Nhon Trach – Dong Nai and Tan Thanh – Ba Ria Vung Tau.

Walkie talkie is an essential device in many areas that need communication such as construction, protection, exploitation, service, disaster prevention … Owning a machine walkie-talkies are not cheap, but used for a long time or unfortunately crashed need maintenance repair, do not know which unit specializes in fixing radios, reputation, after good repair, warranty after fix it It is because of this urgent need that MitGroup opens a service to help customers quickly repair radios and other electronic devices.

Typically MigrGroup fixes radios Kenwood, Icom, Motorola, HYT, Vertex Standard, Alinco, Unimo, Bfdx, Baofeng, Feidaxin, Kyd …


Common errors when using a radio

  • The kit can be heard without calling
  • The caller can call but can’t hear
  • Push to charge without battery
  • Battery adapter (charge but charge quickly)
  • The radio switch is loud and uncomfortable
  • The radio has interference, turbulence
  • Connection radios can’t communicate with each other
  • Channel disturbance, auto-jump channel
  • Radios are not on the source
  • The radio has broken antenna, lost back, lost charge, damaged headset … v..v..v …

Check radio content

  • Overall check of the machine’s operation status
  • Notice device status to customers
  • With the customer’s consent to repair the device, we start processing the device quickly
  • Receive and pay repair equipment nationwide

Repair radios

The content of radio repair and maintenance

  • The radio has broken battery: In this case, it is quite common, customers bring the radio through the repair, we check if the Battery will be damaged immediately for customers to bring back immediately
  • The radio is damaged: The customer who has brought the radio to repair the phone is damaged, the staff who has received your radio modifier will be paid on the next morning (Only fixed in 1 day)
  • The water inlet unit will be equipped with instant drying technology for you
  • If the radio is not able to speak, it will be repaired in 1 day

Process of fixing radios

Step 1: Receive hand-delivered radios from customers

Customers hand over the walkie-talkie at the company headquarters. We confirm the radios with the minutes with confirmation of delivery date, model name and machine serial number, status when receiving the device.

Step 2: Check the status of your radios

Depending on the error status of the radio, there are simple errors, you can quote immediately.
For complicated errors that need to be thoroughly tested, it takes 2-6 h.
For popular radios we have a full range of parts for replacement and repair.
For specialized radios or portable radios, the parts are not available. We have to contact to order from abroad, the quotation time is 1-3 days.

Step 3: Call for price of repair service for customers

The situation of customers’ radios, how to have a replacement repair plan ..
What is the specific price of repair and replacement services ..
Time to repair and replace components.

Step 4: Proceed to fix radio

After quoting the service price of the company to customers.
Upon receiving the consent of our customers, we will conduct repair and replacement of parts as quoted.
After completing the replacement and repair work, we will conduct testing and testing techniques for stable communication before handing over to customers.

Step 5: Hand over walkie-talkies to customers

After a thorough technical inspection, we will proceed with the appointment appointment and hand over the product to our customers.
The fastest and most convenient way.
Before handing over the product to our customers, our technical staff will check it again.
Customers check back and rest assured when receiving the product again.
For customers who do not agree to repair radios, we will schedule a specific schedule so that customers can get back to the radio early.

Note: For customers in the province, you can send goods to the car, the company staff will go to the car to receive the machine for repair.

Commitment to repair MiT radios

  • The repair time is the fastest
  • Accessories are replaced with genuine parts
  • Price: ensure no more than 1/3 of the new radios value
  • Repaired by the most skilled technicians in Vietnam today
  • During the warranty period for the parts we replace or repair, if there is a malfunction or damage, we are committed to free warranty

With a team of experienced technicians, along with modern and specialized machinery and equipment, MiT is always the leading unit in providing and repairing walkie-talkies, not only receiving and maintaining machine repair. talks for the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport but also a reputable unit providing maintenance and repair services, providing new radios for most security companies, factories … in the Vietnamese market. Male.

Contact information for radios and internal repair service

  • Địa chỉ: 81 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, TP.HCM
  • Chi nhánh 1: 41/17, Đường 35, KP 7, P.Hiệp Bình Chánh, Q.Thủ Đức, TP.HCM
  • Chi nhánh 2: 91 Đường Dương Bạch Mai, Thị Trấn Phú Mỹ, Huyện Tân Thành, Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu
  • Chi nhánh 3: KCN Nhơn Trạch, Xã Hiệp Phước, Huyện Nhơn Trạch, Tỉnh Đồng Nai
  • Chi nhánh 4: Quốc lộ 51, Tổ 10 ấp Xóm Gốc, xã Long An, huyện Long Thành, Tỉnh Đồng Nai
  • Email: minh.nt@mitgroupvn.com
  • Tel: 028.5403.7053 – Fax: 028.5403.7052
  • Hotline: 0909.156.177
  • Website: www.mitgroup.vn

MiT Company sincerely thanks customers for trusting and using the service.