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Total network solutions

The overall network solutions of MiT have proven their strength as well as their high performance in environments with severe technical and safety requirements.

With many years of experience and a team of highly trained, competent professionals, MiT has provided many solutions from simple to complex for all sizes systems with the motto of “giving the best for customer”. Our company always try to use the highest level of technology, the most advanced technology in the environments, computer systems of customers.

The leading advanced switching technologies currently used for LAN environment, Campus network such as FastEthernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, Fiber optic … or for WAN such as ISDN, Frame-Relay, MegaWan , MPLS, VPN based on ADSL / FTTH transmission line, leased-line private subscriber line, satellite channels …. are always considered to apply in optimal solutions.

Giải pháp mạng tổng thể

Our solutions for LAN, Campus, WAN have proven their strength as well as their high features in environments with severe technical and safety requirements such as Saigon Port. , SITV International Port, Tan Cang, Southern Airports, Tan Son Nhat Airport, banks …

In the coming time, in addition to the solutions that we design directly according to customer needs, we will assist users in designing a number of separate and comprehensive networks with different technologies and sizes. each other through the online technical support on our WEB site.

We hope that we will continue to receive the support and trust of our customers.