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Supplying cheap printer consumables in Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai – Ba Ria Vung Tau

Currently, on the market there are many types of printers sold by printing factories produced in shops, business establishments … The refilling of printer ink is familiar to businesses and companies because more or less they still have a printer. But to choose a reputable address, quality and cheapest printer ink is the problem.

We will give you the information you need to choose the best and cheapest printer ink!

What is printer ink?

Mực máy in giá rẻ


  • Drum: A part of which determines up to 50% of the printer’s quality and performance. When operating, the drum receives information from the printer and spins 4 cycles to print the document you want to print. This is the most error-prone part, damaged by their structure and function.

Enclosed by a thin conductive layer, but because of the frictional performance of the drum, they are easily worn out and damaged by other components.

  • Rubber shaft (Squeegee roller): A part to lemongrass charge empty and equally important. When operating, print the rubber shaft as a stand for the drum to return to its original state. The error of the ink roller is the document you printed is faded or repeats at the bottom, making it difficult for users.
  • Squeegee (big swip): Take the role of removing excess ink from the drum into the ink tray. Because we can use excess ink all the time. If this part is not available, it will lead to black stripes on the print, then we need to take timely measures.
  • Magnetics: Take the ink from the ink tray to provide ink for the drum. They are a magnet, so over time the magnetic shaft loses its elasticity, resulting in a black print that is not clear.
  • Magnetic brush (Small brush): To avoid the situation of excessive and wasteful use of ink for enterprises. Wiper will use a sufficient amount of ink to perform complete printing. The advantage of this part is that in the process of operation, it will cause the printouts to appear black across the page.
  • In addition, the printer ink also has auxiliary but indispensable parts such as: Cartridge holder spring, 2 pieces of plastic cover between the two cylindrical heads, …

The current ink

There are many types of inks used today. But to use it in accordance with the printer, we have to base on the balance, drying mode, …

  • Liquid ink: Inkjet ink – used for inkjet printers. Pumped in various ways through taps in the print head to create data on the paper. Suitable for applications that focus on high quality prints, such as photos and drawings.

Because this ink is liquid, prone to fading, you must use paper suitable for inkjet printing such as thickness, less water-repellent.

  • Solid ink: The material of this ink is like wax, produced in colors wrapped in a cyclone to produce images according to the needs of customers. Inside the printer, ink is melted and sprayed onto an oiled roller using similar technology in offset printers.

Solid ink is favored by the fast printing process, which is harmless to humans and the surrounding environment. Used more for printing high-resolution graphics and often used in office environments due to low maintenance costs. However, the cost of using this ink is different than that you invest in laser printers.

  • Ribbon ink: is the ink used to print bar codes, thermal ribbbon, barcode printing ribbbon, … They were invented since the technology of mechanical ink started. At that time, ink ribbons were very popular with a ribbon film that was rolled up in ribbon form, specialized for barcode label printers.

Ink ribbons are less common today, because of the development of technology. They are only used for special applications.

However, other types of ribbons, such as thermal printing ribbons, can print very high quality and can often print special colorants, such as metal foil, which are hard to replace with tools. other technologies.

  • Powder toner: used for laser printers. The raw material of foam ink is made from a colorant with a polymer bonded together to form a special electrical pulp.

Inside the printer, a laser “draws” the image to print on a drum, feeding the drum with an electrostatic charge. The drum will spin onto the toner cartridge, suck the toner, which is then transferred onto the paper and melt away immediately where it needs to be printed.

High quality and durable, toner powder is also widely trusted. With the utility of toner like no peeling, no fading, they are often used for printing text and drawing single strokes. However, these inks are not good for photo printing, while inkjet printers can print high resolution and thus produce better images.

  • Dye ink: It is heated very quickly to change from solid to vapor without going through liquefaction. The “cloud” of collected ink settles onto the paper to form a color spot. It usually takes more time to dry and the result may be a smeared print, for example, if water is sprinkled. The ink will produce high quality images if using specialized printing paper.

Experience of choosing to buy cheap printer ink? Which kind is good?

Mực máy in

How much does printer ink cost?

That is a frequently asked question of every customer and business. Because of quality issues, prestige must be accompanied by price.

  • Buy ink: expensive, boring and fast, even faster than you realize it is what users find difficult. Those are the frequent causes of frustration with those who own for themselves at least a printer.
  • Depending on the type of printer that we use, we can choose the appropriate ink type. Many individuals and businesses think that they have saved money by using cheap floating ink.
  • Printer manufacturers encourage consumers to use genuine ink to ensure quality. However, ink prices are always a matter of concern for consumers. If the price of genuine ink is 100%, the cost of compatible ink is only about 50%, and the price of unmarked floating ink is only about 10%. This is the main reason why so many consumers are looking for inexpensive inks, despite the printer’s durability warnings.

What is drum? Is it important for the printer?

Mực máy in giá rẻ

  • As an indispensable component for all types of printers, copiers use laser printing technology.
  • The printer drum is made from a cylindrical aluminum tube with a diameter of 2cm to 15cm depending on the type of printer or copier.
  • Normally, the printer drum has a plastic gear head to receive torque transmission from the main motor in the printer, and then transfer this torque to other components of the printer cartridge such as the magnetic shaft, the toner reversing shaft. .
  • The surface of the printer drum is coated with an organic photoconductor layer, which leads to a negative electrical charge on the drum surface, and changes the charge when a laser is projected on the surface. The charge capacity of a drum is a basic factor to judge whether a drum is good or not, a good drum will have a good electrical charge less likely to decrease over time, poor quality printed drums. then the ability to charge will deteriorate after a few printer ink changes.
  • Drums have an important role for printers. It is an important part that decides about 50% of the print quality because it is responsible for drawing charged particles with charge and creating images on the white paper.

Material of the ink

  • Ink is made up of pigments plus binders, solvents and a variety of additives such as drying agents, flocculation agents.
  • Raw materials for printing ink: Ink is usually made up of 4 main materials
  • Pigments color the printing ink and are compounds capable of coloring other objects, including pigments and dyes. There are 2 types of organic pigments and inorganic pigments.
  • Plastics bond the components in the ink and help the ink adhere to the printed surface.
  • Solvents: Create a flow and help the ink transfer to the surface of the media because it is a compound or mixture capable of diffusing molecules or ions of other substances to form a solution.
  • Additives are substances that help improve the properties necessary for the ink, but only work when added in the right proportions.

Maximum number of printed pages

You can choose the correct ink supplier of the full number of printed pages, And the most affordable ink quality. Depending on the ink lines for each brand will have a certain number of pages for users. For example:

+ Laser toner (TN-2385): the maximum number of pages is 2600 pages.

+ Inkjet ink (BT5000Y): maximum number of pages is 5000 pages.

+ Inkjet ink (BOTTLE C13T664400): maximum number of pages is 6500 pages


Usually you see a print cartridge, The page number is always listed as how many pages are on 5% coverage.

The International Standards Organization has set this 5% measure to help manufacturers know how many pages their cartridges can print. They create a standard document to measure print productivity on many different printers, so any new toner cartridge is run through a printer under specific printing conditions and will print until it is empty.

Ink colors: There are two groups of ink cartridges

  • The first group is ink made from water-soluble colors. This ink has the disadvantage of being smudged in the presence of water or moisture.
  • The second group of inks that are insoluble in water consist of very small colored beads suspended in the water. When meeting water, it is not smudge and very durable does not fade. However, this insoluble ink when mixed together only gives a limited range of colors and prints are not as brilliant as soluble inks.

Should choose to buy any good printer ink

HP printer ink

It has a compact size and luxurious but elegant black paint. The color of the printer will help the old machine and at the same time clean the dirt. Equipped with laser printing technology: print 25 pages / minute. Fast printing speed and USB 2.0 connection. HP Laserjet M201D Laser Printer is your top choice

Canon printer ink:

With extremely cheap price, maybe less than 1 million. Although lower than other printers, Canon Pixma IP2870S is reserved for home users. The machine has a black and white printing speed of 8 pages per minute and color printing of 4 pages per minute. Compact design, color and black and white printing. Equipped with USB connection with 4800 x 600 dpi resolution. Built-in photo, fax scanning and faster printing speed. Larger ink tanks can print larger quantities.

Cheap Epson printer consumables:

Product for Epson inkjet printer is L310. Use it for the whole family or small businesses. Ultra-fast print speed of 33 pages per minute (black print), 15 pages per minute (color printing), high-speed USB 2.0 connection. Image quality is extremely sharp, so when printing color images will be very beautiful and limit noise when printing continuously.

  • Brother Toner: A printer used by many offices, small and medium businesses. With a fairly stable price along with the utilities they bring, Brother DCP-T300 is very much chosen. Can photo, scan papers instantly. Cassette holds up to 100 sheets and can print up to 6000 pages. Can connect high-speed USB 2.0

[Review] Top 4 best cheap printer consumables today

It can be seen that depending on the type of ink will match the printer line to offer a product with the best quality on the market. We can conclude as follows:

1. Printer ink HP 83A (CF283A)

– For HPLaserJet Pro M125 / 125FW / 125A / M126 / M127 / M127FN / M201 / M225MFP printers.


See more product lines Mực máy in Hp 83A (CF283A)

2. HP 16A printer ink (Q7516A)

– For HP LaserJet 5200 / 5200TN / 5200DTN printers, Canon LBP 3500 (EP 309).

bom muc may in gia re

Xem thêm dòng sản phẩm Mực máy in HP 16A (Q7516A)

3. HP 55A (CE255A) Canon toner cartridge 324

– For HP M525dn / M525f / P3015 P3015d / P3015dn / P3015x Printer, Canon 6750 Printer (EP 324).

muc may in ho chi minh

Xem thêm dòng sản phẩm 

Printer HP 55A (CE255A) Canon 324

How to use cheap printer ink effectively

Choosing a printer has been difficult for the user and using the printer ink effectively is not easy. Here is a way to save us when using printer ink offline!

  • Keep the printer near the power source

You need to keep the printer in the right place, without moving, the printing will not be hassle of losing power or other reasons.

  • Think carefully before printing

To avoid problems, print errors you need to see the document before printing. It will save you a lot of ink and paper. Also, you can refer to the “printer-friendly” mode when printing from the Web to help you print more easily.

  • Print colors as needed

For normal printing documents, you should choose black and white if colors are not needed.

  • Service the cartridge

Cartridges must be looked after carefully until used. Do not store toner for long, expiry date may risk clogging your printer nozzles. Must regularly clean, take care of nozzles to limit that situation. And ensure genuine toner cartridges for best results and avoid risks of printer damage.

  • Use the printer often

You can extend the life of your inkjet printer by keeping it running.

Print one or two pages at least once a week for color and black cartridges, and print small documents. This will help prevent the cartridge from drying out.

  • Turn off the printer correctly

Turning off when not in use – turning it off in a timely manner will help your printer save more ink. Turn off the printer with the Power button and wait until the power button turns off completely before turning off the power or turning off the main switch.

So which printer ink is best to buy?

Perhaps the above information partly helps you to have more information to choose the best and cheapest printer ink for your home printer yet? Please study carefully will bring you more convenience for your work!

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