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Mellanox ConnectX-2 Dual Port 10 GbE
PCI-e Adapter for IBM System x

Part Number(s)
IBM Part# 81Y9990

The Mellanox ConnectX-2 Dual Port 10 GbE Adapter for IBM System x delivers high-bandwidth and industry leading low latency 10 GbE connectivity. With industry-leading performance, power-efficiency, integration and feature set, ConnectX-2 EN with RDMAoE (RDMA over Ethernet) adapters provide an optimized, low-latency solution for high-transaction databases, financial services, cloud computing, and virtualized server and storage data center environments. The ConnectX-2 Dual-Port 10 GbE Adapter improves network performance by increasing available bandwidth to the CPU and providing enhanced performance especially in virtualized server environments.


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