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Repairing cheap projectors in the city. Ho Chi Minh

MiT Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd is a reliable address for projector repair, specializing in providing projector repair services with low price, warranty, maintenance for all types of projectors. Overcoming all reputable and professional projector problems.

With a professional team of skilled projectors can fix 99% of projector diseases:

+ The projector runs for five minutes or 10 minutes off

+ The projector has a screen stripe when projected.

+ The projector has screen sand

+ VGA or AV port is not receiving the signal.

+ The projector lamp has exploded without showing the image.

+ When the device has black streaks on the screen.

+ The projector is running too loudly compared to the new one.

+ Damage to the mainboard, power failure, high-voltage board …

+ Damaged DMD chip

+ Replace the LCD assembly

Sửa chữa máy chiếu giá rẻ

Here are some common projector problems, customers can call the company directly for a better advice about projector repair.

– Professional projector repair service, warranty period for extremely high replacement parts in accordance with the company’s standards

– Perfect customer service will surely satisfy the most fastidious ones.

– Examining and consulting to use properly, free for projectors, you absolutely do not have to pay any cost in case the machine is examined but you do not need to repair any more in general because any what reason.

– The service that certifies the failure condition of a projector …

– Get inspection and maintenance in place.

For details about cheap projector repair service, please contact directly for advice.