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Customer care solution with VoIP

The investment in a professional switchboard system to support customer support is indispensable for each company and business. In particular, in the current context, people’s living standards increase. Consequently, customers’ needs also become more strict. This is extremely important, and VoIP PBX solution was born to meet that.

Enterprise problems – VoIP PBX solutions

What is the problem with the enterprise switchboard?

As mentioned above, customers are important. So meeting customer requirements is a good foundation. But:

  • The number of customers is large, the switchboard is often busy.
  • Using multiple prefixes is costly. Many numbers are too tangled.
  • The statistics of the number of calls is impossible.
  • Not grasping customer needs.
  • Unable to manage customer care counselors like.

With VoIP PBX solution, what is the enterprise?

  • A shared prefix. Save on subscription costs. Promoting the Hotline phone number is simple. Wherever you move, the number remains the same, no need to register again.
  • Unlimited calls. The same number can make multiple calls simultaneously. No more worries about losing customers due to busy devices.
  • Only need internet is used. Taking advantage of network infrastructure helps optimize costs.
  • Along with some other features such as: Free internal calls, easy advertising via the web, …

With such perfect features, you are a business owner afraid to try. MiT Trading – Manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in providing switchboard solutions and network solutions for businesses. If you have any questions please contact us for the most practical advice.