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Construction and installation of camera systems in Nhon Trach factory

Camera systems in factories, in factories, industrial parks are very necessary for enterprises to monitor security surveillance and overall activities at the factory. Unlike installing a cheap camera for individual households, the camera installation in the factory requires a lot higher requirements, the camera must have many different viewing angles, far and far infrared viewing angle and special. is able to withstand harsh operating conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock resistance … There are also quite a few things to pay attention to such as the arrangement of wires and devices so that they are neat and scientific. learn most.

The installation or installation of surveillance cameras in factories or factories helps management can be operated remotely thanks to the function of viewing and observing cameras remotely via smart devices such as smartphones, devices. connected to an intenet such as desktop, laptop, … so that can make reasonable adjustments to your work to achieve higher results.

Lợi ích của camera nhà xưởng

Consulting solutions for installing cameras in factory

Nowadays, with the increasing number of camera companies, new camera technology has been born quickly. Along with that, many camera installation units have sprung up, which made many difficulties for managers and owners in choosing a most suitable and cost-effective solution for installing CCTV. .

MitGroup with experience in construction, CCTV installation, we have completed many projects including large factory camera projects in Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Ba Ria Vung Tau. From practical experience MitGroup would like to consult essential solutions when you intend to execute your factory camera.

1. Select a CCTV installation solution for the factory

  • CCTV has 2 main types that are: Analog Camera and IP Camera
  • You can absolutely install Analog cameras for workshops or IP cameras. However each camera has certain advantages and disadvantages
  • Analog Camera: Transmit signals on coaxial cables, equipment costs are low but labor and wiring costs are high. Restrictions on installation distance (R <500m)

Solution for installing IP Camera for workshop: Transmission signal on network cable or fiber optic cable, high cost but allowing for optimal construction and wiring plan. Easily gather cameras in areas to the same point with a Switch device. With this solution, you can upgrade and manage easily. No obsolete, no restriction on the distance when installing, highly professional


2. Types of cameras installed for workshops

Cameras are increasingly diverse in models and types, the purpose is suitable to the actual conditions of each project and each project. Camera installed for the factory also has differences compared to other types of cameras in place:

Should choose waterproof camera (IP66), infrared body, large sensor and wide angle. In your workshop there are many hidden corners, dead angles. If you choose low-cost cameras with small viewing angles, low infrared sensor, that’s a mistake. Because when you are shooting many areas of the image you want to see the camera is not visible. You either re-attach the camera to it or relocate it more expensive.

  • The cameras have good light sensitivity suitable in low-light areas of the factory
  • The camera has a vision of more than 30m suitable for large areas. And the camera must have HD resolution or higher (> 1.0MP)
  • You can easily check these parameters on quotes or directly on the camera

3. Camera receiver for factory

One factor is that business owners want to save the image for as long as possible. So choosing a quality camera receiver for the factory is very important. You need to care about the number of hard drives that the recorder supports, the image compression standard of the recorder of which type … Because to store images for a long time, you need to consider many factors. Which factors to choose the hard drive storage is most important. That camera recorder supports as many hard drives as possible, the more satisfactory.

You also need to consider compression standards. For example, I record H264 + compression, it stores longer than the recorder with compression standard H264 on the same capacity SATA hard drive.

4. Select camera brand

Whether a set of cameras is good for your factory depends on the camera brand you choose. There are so many camera brands on the market as a factory owner that it’s hard to know what is a famous camera brand.

With experience in the industry, we recommend choosing cameras from international brands like. Hikvision, Hdparagon, Kbvision, Dahua, Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch … Or you want to search for a Vietnamese camera brand, Questek camera, Vantech. The two best candidates for your workshop camera project.

Chọn camera nhà xưởng phù hợp

5. Selecting a reputable and professional factory construction camera unit

This is the key to deciding the success or failure of a camera system in general and factory cameras in particular. How to determine which company is installing CCTV for professional workshops is a difficult question for a business owner.

However difficult but not entirely impossible to find. As a manager, I would like to point out the main points that are a sign to let you know that. They are the factory camera unit you are looking for.

Look at the factory projects they’ve done. Where do they build many workshops, does the size of your factory correspond to your factory?

Assessments from customers through each project and project they execute. See the articles on their Website meet the actual needs of Internet users or not?

Work directly with the unit that installs the factory camera to consider the factors of company size, staff, attitude and responsibilities …

Finally, is listening to the solution they offer suitable for your factory conditions? From there you decide who to choose now is not too late.

We do not advertise ourselves as a good, good camera contractor. But we have been constructing cameras for many factories in industrial parks and industrial clusters … In Ho Chi Minh, Long Thanh, Nhon Trach and Tan Thanh (Ba Ria Vung Tau)

We are assisting businesses in industrial zones in Dong Nai in setting up and constructing factory camera systems.

  • Installing camera system for Nhon Trach Textile and Garment Industrial Park
  • Installing camera system for Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone factory
  • Installing camera system for factory in Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Zone
  • Installing camera system of Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Zone – Loc Khang Industrial Park
  • Installing camera system of factory in Nhon Trach 2 Industrial Zone – Nhon Phu
  • Installing camera system for Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Zone factory
  • Installing camera system for Nhon Trach Industrial Zone 5 factory
  • Construction camera system of Nhon Trach Industrial Zone 6 factory
  • Constructing camera system for workshop of Phu Thanh – Vinh Thanh Industrial Complex
  • Construction of camera system of Phu Dong – Phuoc Khanh Industrial Complex

If there is a need to install a camera for the factory, please call 0909.156.177 immediately for more specific advice.


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