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For customers

Always put customer benefits on top. Besides superior value, in each section Humiliation – service contains meaningful messages to satisfy the legitimate needs of customers.

For shareholders & amp; partner

Highlighting the spirit of cooperation and development, commitment to becoming a “No.1 companion” of partners and shareholders, always increasing the value of attractive and sustainable investments.

For employees

Create a professional, dynamic, creative and humanistic working environment , facilitating high income and fair development opportunities for all employees. 

For society

Harmonizing benefits of business with social benefits; actively contribute to community-oriented activities, demonstrating the spirit of civic responsibility and national pride.


  • “Building MiT becomes the leading general corporation in Vietnam, bringing the satisfaction of products as well as the best service to customers. Building MiT becomes the leading general corporation in Vietnam, bringing satisfaction to customers. Pleasure about products as well as the best service to customers”.
  • “MiT wishes to create a Vietnamese brand with international-class service and product quality”.



Specializes in providing outside IT services

  1. Maintenance of IT systems
  2. Computer Maintenance
  3. IT system construction
  4. Service to increase warranty time
  5. Repair of printers, photocopiers
  6. Ink pump for printers and copiers
  7. Repair the computer
  8. Repair computer equipment

Selling and distributing IT equipment:

  1. Provide informatics equipment
  2. Provide office equipment
  3. Provide software
  4. Distributing Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony cameras (market products and project products)
  5. Distribution of server components IBM, HP, Dell
  6. Distribute all Asus product lines
  7. Distribute all Brother products


  1. Rental PC, Laptop, server computers
  2. Printer and copier rental
  3. Rental server and network equipment
  4. Hire IT staff
  5. Financial leasing
  6. Factory lease

Current customers have difficulty controlling printing costs for businesses because of:

  • Genuine ink with double the cost or higher than many other inks
  • Difficult to distinguish between fake and real Ink can cause printer damage when using fake ink
  • The unprinted integrated ink still has may damage your printer
  • Poor quality ink does not cling to paper hands dirty, print pages
  • Improper ink produces images after print is not true
  • In the course of use often damaged Equipment parts: rum, magnetic, ink, gauze, …
  • The refill partner does not work properly improperly loaded, loaded ink, insufficient loading volume, …
  • Cost of salary paid to managers printing stage.
  • MiT clearly understands your needs and offer PS integrated ink product package:
  • PS compatible ink is produced according to advanced technology
  • Parts produced by pepper international standard.
  • Save up to 50% on printing costs
  • Save more on long-term contracts
  • Quality committed products equivalent to genuine products and does not cause any damage to the printer.
  • PS ink is warranted and loaded free over 2 times.
  • Do customers use PS ink printer management personnel during printing.
  • Rest assured about copyright issues. < / span>


  • Canon
  • HP
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Epson
  • Ricoh
  • Brother
  • amsung
  • Oki
  • Lexmark,….


  • Reduce waste to the environment
  • Reduce the amount of energy and plastics used produce new cartridges
  • Eco-friendly images and products school.


  • Warranty to end of ink and for 2 Subsequent ink refills for inks, replacement parts for free during warranty
  • Download free ink for 2 more refills follow PS cartridge.

MiT engineer team:

  • All MiT engineers are dug create articles from developed countries
  • Young and energetic team experience
  • Quick response when customers need bridge
  • We are always ready to serve and advise customers to bring the best benefits to each customer
  • Service of delivery and handling of ink cartridge in place.